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Historical Romance Resources

Lacy Danes’ Historical Sex Terminology ( – a great resource for historical names for male and female anatomy. Very fun read!

House of Names ( – gives short history of surnames and heraldry going back to the Middle Ages. Great way to see how far back an English, Irish, or French name goes. You can also see the original family crest for a particular last name.

Antique Corset Gallery ( – you can find original corsets here and see what would have been worn in 1880 versus 1891. You’ll also see the difference between a riding corset and corsets that would have been worn with evening wear.

Candice Hearn’s Resource List ( – she’s a romance author with an extensive list of sites for Regency research and information.

Britain Express’s list of Medieval Resources ( – has links with historical information on William the Conqueror, Castles, the Black Death, and other relevant history.

Writer’s Resources

Romance Divas ( -a place for romance authors to get together for support, advice, celebration, and commiseration.

Romance Writer’s of America ( official romance writer’s association where you can find out industry tips, network with writers, agents, and editors and find out about the current market.

Erotic Romance & Publisher’s Comparison Site (’s site which gives a chart comparing first month sales of erotic romance epublishers.

Brenda Hiatt’s site ( – click on “Show Me The Money” for a detailed list of publishers and the average advance authors receive. Note that this list is compiled of voluntary sales figures given to Brenda by authors at conferences and other events, so this by no means includes every author’s advance at XYZ publisher. It’s just a general guideline.

Relevant Books

♦ Knight, Angela. Passionate Ink: A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance
Terrific guide to writing erotic romance with info on plotting, conflict, characterization, and how to research to make intimate scenes realistic.

♦ Wainger, Leslie. Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies
Written by an editor, this book gives info both on how to write romance (plot, characterization, etc.), but she also gives tips on fixing a manuscript gone awry, and she offers advice for translating rejection letters.

♦ Willett Cunnington, C. English Women’s Clothing in the Nineteenth Century
Wonderful resource for costume. Gives illustrations of costumes from each decade of the 19th century. Includes information about hats, undergarments, and trimmings.

♦ Takeda, Sharon Sadako. Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail 1700-1915 Based on an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, it shows various garments from the Georgian period to the early 20th century.

♦ Green, Jonathon. The Big Book of Filth
Gives synonyms for sexual slang and terminology. It also organizes word listings by century of origin.


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