Love Is… Cover Reveal

Today is the official cover reveal for the Love Is… anthology! My short story, The Lady’s Wicked Proposition, is featured in the Historical Romance section. Proceeds from the anthology will benefit Reach out and Read, a charity that works with doctors and medical professionals to distribute books to young children.

Love Is… releases on August 5, 2014.

Antho_LoveIs_400pxOver 40 authors have written stories specifically for this charity anthology. We have stories from many different genres (contemporary, paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy, erotic romance, etc).

Note: Anyone who comments on each of the blogs (listed here, at will be entered to win a copy of the anthology when it’s released. And one commenter here at my blog will ALSO be entered. Scroll to the bottom to check out the next blog participating.

Here is a list of historical romances included in the Love Is… anthology:

Sabrina Darby, A Mistress by Design

Bonnie Dee, Eyes of a Soldier

Jennifer Haymore, A Highlander’s Seduction

Kate Pearce, A Right and Proper Apology

Vivienne Westlake, The Lady’s Wicked Proposition

Here is the cover, blurb and a snippet from my story, The Lady’s Wicked Proposition, which is a short story featuring the characters from the Wicked Liaisons series. It is the book that bridges Lady Northam’s Wicked Surrender and The Rake’s Wicked Seduction.

Love is…Yielding to Desire

A late night game of cards turns into something far more intriguing when Edwina Merriweather confesses a secret to one of the most charming and debauched men in London. Contrary to popular opinion, Dina is not in town to find a husband. Instead, she’s resolved to find a rake.

Francis Chevalier is fascinated by the drunken spinster offering up her virginity like a piece of cake. Torn between the need to have her and the desire to protect her from her own stupidity, he politely declines.

Undeterred, Dina returns with a proposition so daring even Chevalier cannot refuse.


“Do you plan to spend it all in a grand fashion?” His wide smile set her heart to racing, and she felt a distinct heat that had nothing to do with the alcohol.

“No. There is more money than I could spend, though if I continue to play cards with YOU every week, I should surely lose most of it.”

As he passed her the last card, his fingers brushed hers. What would it be like to feel those fingers everywhere? The idea conjured provocative images of him stroking her bare skin. Could he be the one? Chevalier was unattached, in no need of a fortune, and his reputation promised delicious amusements of the most illicit kind.

“Tell me, what did you come to find?” he asked.

Giddy from the champagne, the thrill of his attention sent her flying. Of course, she should stop before she revealed too much, but Dina felt too free, too easy with Chevalier. Once she’d said it, maybe she’d have the courage to carry it through.

“I have come to find a rake.”

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